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Signing a Contract

The structuring of an estate plan involves some of the most personal and financially significant decisions a person will ever make. We bring decades of experience working with individuals and families in crafting a solid and sensible plan for the future while eliminating or reducing estate taxes.



Robert F. Baker


Clients often come to us when they are facing serious tax issues and their estate and family dynamics present unique challenges. We help define their objectives and lay out options to achieve their desired results. Then we design and implement a plan that is tailored to their needs. Our plans, implemented through wills, trusts, and related documents, involve a blend of lifetime transfers of property and dispositions at death and minimize or eliminate taxes whenever possible.


Many of our estate planning clients own family businesses that they want to transfer to the next generation without costly taxes or disruptive disputes. We have significant experience helping clients design and implement a business succession plan that will set them up for the future.


When someone has passed, we handle the legal and administrative process for probated estates and trusts. We also represent clients who wish to invoke Washington State’s TEDRA procedures to modify the terms of a trust or other arrangements that have become problematic for family members.

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