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Signing a Contract

Going to trial is rarely the best option. It’s an expensive, time-consuming and difficult process. When there is a lot at stake, we can avoid escalating a dispute to minimize risk and preserve relationships, civility and your privacy.

Our skilled team has practiced alternative dispute resolution for a combined 60+ years to get results without bearing all of the personal and financial costs associated with litigation.


Reaching an agreement through mediation or collaborative law is a less expensive, less risky and often a faster way to resolve disputes.




Having represented clients in disputes for decades, we have an experienced perspective that allows us to quickly earn the trust of the people involved, understand their interests and assess their tolerance for risk. Aneutrals, we guide the parties through the process with impartiality, an understanding of what's at stake, and respect for the differing viewpoints of those involved. We facilitate mutual agreement by identifying often-overlooked areas of consensus and opportunities for trade-offs.



In a divorce, the collaborative law process allows the parties and their respective lawyers to work together, sometimes with other professionals, to come to a resolution outside of court. Through a series of meetings, the two sides negotiate a settlement that best meets their needs with privacy and without the underlying threat of litigation.



Lori Lopez Guzzo



Thomas F. Peterson


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