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Income and excise tax issues present significant choices and opportunities for individuals and play an important role in the life of most businesses. We provide tax advice during various stages of your business journey to ensure you benefit from the tax advantages available to you while also minimizing risk.



Robert F. Baker


We help startup businesses choose the most tax-efficient entity from the beginning — typically a limited liability company, a C corporation or an S corporation. We then help to design an appropriate capital structure, governance provisions, and, in many cases, owner and key manager compensation programs.


Established businesses rely on us for federal and state tax advice in connection with their transactions and operations. We advise out-of-state entities conducting business in Washington on nexus and related issues that might trigger an obligation to pay Washington’s business and occupation tax. These businesses can turn to us for guidance when they are audited by the state of Washington.


We also create or modify trusts and estate plans for individuals who have significant personal and family tax planning issues. 


  • Capital contributions and distributions

  • Equity incentive plans

  • Estate plans (presenting both income and transfer tax issues)

  • Executive compensation arrangements

  • Leases and other real property transactions

  • Marital dissolutions and entity dissolutions

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Partnership transactions

  • Spin-offs and other divisive reorganizations



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