A separation or divorce can be a traumatic event, both personally and financially. People facing separation or divorce need the best legal advice possible, at the earliest possible time.

Our lawyers handle all aspects of separation and divorce, including post-dissolution matters. Most of our clients are high net worth individuals whose assets (such as real estate, stock options, a professional practice or a closely-held business) raise complex valuation issues. Besides representing clients in litigated divorces, we represent them in cases where the parties prefer to resolve differences through mediation or some other collaborative mode of dispute resolution. We also represent clients who are parties to pre- and post-nuptial agreements.

When appropriate, we can draw on the real estate, business, tax and estate planning expertise of other lawyers in our firm. We can also recommend other qualified professionals, including accountants, appraisers, therapists and mediators. Having the right professional can make a significant difference in the outcome of a matrimonial law matter.

For each client, we identify the legal issues unique to that client’s case, lay out the options for resolving the case, offer opinions about likely outcomes and work toward the solution sought by the client. In addition to matrimonial law matters, our lawyers have significant experience in business litigation. This experience can be extremely helpful in achieving superior results in a difficult divorce case.