When a business acts, it wants value from the activity, whether it involves hiring an employee, licensing a technology, or selling an asset. We help business clients achieve their objectives.

We represent the full spectrum of business enterprises, from relatively small sole proprietorships to large, diversified, multi-state companies. Many of our clients are family-owned businesses, most with substantial annual revenues. A number of these businesses are involved in some way in real estate, as developers, contractors and retailers that own their own locations. Others are manufacturers, technology companies, distributors, and professional service entities. Our lawyers have the expertise to provide the broad range of legal services these businesses need throughout their lives.

Among other things, we:

  • Help clients in selecting, forming and structuring whichever entities are most appropriate for their enterprises, whether partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies or joint ventures
  • Advise clients who want to buy or sell a business
  • Counsel clients on leases, licenses, sales contracts and a full range of other business agreements
  • Advise clients on operational and governance issues
  • Advise clients on labor and employment issues
  • Help clients design and implement succession plans and estate plans for their businesses and their families

Sometimes business matters become business disputes. When that happens, our lawyers help clients to resolve these disputes, whether through litigation or any form of alternative dispute resolution.

Regardless of the services provided, our ultimate goal always is to further the objectives of our business clients and help them become more successful. We are proud to have helped numerous clients take their businesses from concepts or ideas to robust, viable enterprises, and to have counseled some of the most successful companies in our region.